Case Studies & Testimonials

Retail – Low Cost Cable Connection

Growth is generally a good situation. As business grows, though, so must your telecom service. PCMD Management Group, better known as Subway, was originally referred to TruPoint because it had outgrown the bandwidth capabilities of their T1 services at their corporate office.

As a solution, TruPoint sourced a high speed, low cost cable connection to be used as the primary data connection. This increased their connection speed 10-fold from their previous experience.

TruPoint also discovered that they were using a combination of cable service, DSL service, analog phone lines and five different service providers for 32 Subway store locations. TruPoint was able to source a custom deployment with one of the cable providers that could service 90% of their stores through a single provider, and increased bandwidth speed at 75% of their locations. This solution also reduced their monthly cost by $30,000+ annually.

PCMD also benefits from a standardized solution and single source for any new store locations that they acquire or need to open saving them approximately 4-6 hours of soft cost on every new store deployment.

Manufacturing – Reduce Telecom Expenses

Orthomerica Products, is a manufacturer and worldwide leader of customizable orthotic solutions. Originally, Orthomerica sought out TruPoint in an effort to reduce telecom expenses.

TruPoint was also able to centrailize Orthomerica’s phone and internet services under a single carrier, simplifying their telecom situation. TruPoint deployed a Fiber- and T1-based MPLS network for their 7 sites located throughout the U.S. By negotiating with the provider on the client’s behalf, TruPoint was able to gain unique and favorable terms with the provider which allowed them to cancel a portion of their agreement when they sold five of their remote offices within the original three year term without penalty. TruPoint also deployed a unique business continuity solution for Orthmerica’s call center operations.

When the client’s initial contract expired, their business needs had changed and they were in need of a live/live environment for disaster recovery. TruPoint further helped them source co-location space in an Orlando based data center and renegotiated their telecom service agreements based on their newly defined needs. TruPoint was able to negotiate a 250M layer2 fiber network with burstable capability between their facility and the data center as well as a 100M fiber internet connection within their existing price point.

Law Firm – Additional Internet Bandwidth

Hurley Rogner, a business law firm servicing Florida and Georgia, initially contacted TruPoint to discover options as they were coming out of contract with their existing MPLS provider.

After analyzing their needs, TruPoint sourced a new T1 based MPLS network for them and were able to secure at least one additional T1 at every one of their sites while saving them approximately 20% off their existing provider cost through a different telecom provider.

About two years later, Hurley Rogner’s had also outgrown this solution, and needed additional internet bandwidth. TruPoint was able to source cable connectivity for each of their five offices with three different cable companies and re-design their MPLS network so that it could continue to be used for their NEC VOIP phone system. TruPoint also serviced a reliable backup to the best effort cable connections.

After another two years, Hurley Rogner decided they wanted to move their practice management software to the cloud. TruPoint was able to source a dedicated fiber connection for their main office while increasing speed at their remote offices. TruPoint was able to get the fiber connection installed and active within a 45 day install window and it has provided the consistent reliable connectivity needed to ensure a successful cloud deployment.

I was introduced to John Berardi and TruPoint as a new administrator with very little telecom knowledge and they were very helpful in guiding me in the right direction for our needs. I feel they are knowledgeable and trustworthy and continue to reach out to them as the firm grows and our needs change. We have recently changed service providers and upgraded our internet and having TruPoint handle the vendors made the transition seamless for me and my staff.

- Stacy Carroll, Firm Administrator, Hurley Rogner Miller, Cox, Waranch & Wescott, PA

High-Tech – Audio Conferencing

Carley Corporation provides custom-designed training solutions to improve human performance. TruPoint started working with Carley Corporation when they were looking to reduce their overall telecom expenditure and find a better solution for audio conferencing.

Initially, TruPoint was able to source a new audio conferencing provider reducing their overall conferencing costs by more than 20%, but we recommended that they continue with their current telecom provider because they would be moving into a new building within a year.

Once the building was ready, TruPoint became engaged after Carley Corporation had been working with direct representatives from several carriers. TruPoint sourced co-location and network services for them with multiple providers. Ultimately, TruPoint was able to design a fiber based private network, dedicated Internet, T1 voice services, and co-location for approximately 10% less than they were being offered by the direct representatives they were working with.

As a company focused on technology, we are constantly working to improve the way we deliver solutions for our clients and the industries we serve. TruPoint has been a tremendous resource for us, helping provide reliable communications solutions to solve many of our needs. They have helped us evaluate, select and implement telecom and meeting solutions that have exceeded our expectations. In a fast paced market, they’re a critical partner for us to help ensure we’re innovating in order to keep our customers satisfied and grow our business.

- Jeremy Good, Chief Information Officer, Carley Corporation

Education – Improve Data Speed

Canterbury School is a private college preparatory school on two campuses in Saint Petersburg, Florida serving Pre-K to Grade 12. TruPoint first engaged with Canterbury School when they were looking to improve data speed and performance. They were on a T1 based data network. TruPoint sourced multiple fiber providers and was able to design a MetroEthernet network with dedicated internet and a T1 based voice service with a 2nd provider for cost efficiencies. The network design provided for a significant bandwidth increase within the customer’s budget.

A few years later the Canterbury School was considering a phone system replacement and was in need of a further bandwidth increase. TruPoint was able to negotiate a bandwidth increase with the current fiber provider doubling the internet access at both campuses within the current pricepoint. TruPoint also secured an MPLS network between the sites with an integrated premise based IP phone system. The phone system provided for additional functionality and the opex pricing model fit perfectly within Canterbury’s budgetary constraints. TruPoint project managed the entire implementation process and phone system deployment.

Next Canterbury was looking at making a change to their legacy MS Exchange platform and was considering a change to Gmail with Google Apps but did not have sufficient IT resources to dedicate to the project. TruPoint was able to source a Google apps reseller that was able to manage and conduct the entire migration and user training. The company also provides ongoing user support and training which frees up already stretched IT resources and falls well within the Canterbury budget.

We are so pleased with the work TruPoint Communications has done for us. They provide excellent customer service with quality professionals. They take the time to know our business needs and make appropriate recommendations. I will definitely do business with them in the future and highly recommend their services to others.

- Jody Moore, Director of Technology, Canterbury School of Florida

Distribution – Reduce Telecom Costs

Looking to improve reliability and reduce telecom costs? So was Fulmer Logistics Services when they approached TruPoint. Fulmer was built around providing great customer service and considers themselves a one-call solution to all logistics needs: multi-mode transportation, warehousing, and full-service supply chain analysis. But Fulmer’s telecom system was neither logistically efficient nor customer service friendly.

Fulmer was using a mix of T1, cable modem, DSL and analog services for six locations throughout the U.S. Fulmer was also having serious issues with customer service, receiving more than 15 invoices per month and was considering a PBX replacement.

TruPoint was able to design a single-provider voice, internet and phone system solution using Fiber and T1 services, and a private VOIP PBX. The network significantly improved reliability across all sites, provided for a single invoice across all locations, and reduced their monthly telecom costs by more than 20%. Additionally, TruPoint has provided an additional layer of support on all move, add, change, billing and service requests which has significantly improved the customer experience.

About one year later, TruPoint sourced and administers a cloud-based fax service for Fulmer which allows their employees to receive faxes directly at their desktop and has allowed Fulmer to disconnect more than eight fax lines, further reducing telecom costs. This has increased employee productivity and centralized fax administration for the customer.

John Berardi and his company TruPoint were very helpful in the design and implementation of a network system including phones and faxes for our company. He helped us reduce cost significantly and provided excellent customer service during the setup as well as maintaining the network. I would highly recommend John and his company.

- James Medlock, Chief Financial Officer, Fulmer Logistics Services, Inc.

Medical – Fiber Optic Cable Connection

Vista Clinical, a clinical laboratory serving long-term care facilities, physician practices, and walk-in urgent care facilities, was looking for high bandwidth fiber optic connection for newly acquired co-location space for their private cloud environment.

To meet this need, TruPoint was able to source a 100M fiber connection at 25% lower cost than the other options they had received from the direct carrier sales reps they had already engaged with.

Once the data center connectivity was in place, TruPoint designed a Multi-state layer 2 network to connect their laboratory facilities with the data center to ensure high quality, high speed private connections to their cloud infrastructure.

Happy with such good results, Vista Clinical employed TruPoint as their telecom source for every new blood collection center that they acquired and opened. TruPoint’s Customer Service Team worked with the IT staff to establish a standardized formula and acts as the single resource for carrier services at all new sites. This approach saved approximately 10 hours of their IT director’s time on every site they open, as well as guaranteeing that they are getting the best possible rate for each of their sites.

TruPoint has also sourced and deployed a cloud-based fax solution which facilitated the organizations move toward a paperless environment and has allowed the company to disconnect more than 40 analog lines, saving the company several hundred dollars per month and improving employee productivity.

John’s team at Trupoint has made my life as an I/T administrator, over multiple area for a growing company, much easier. His team is very knowledgeable, has reach across all geographic areas, has multiple types of technology, and multiple companies.

- John Ohlwiler, I/T Director, Vista Clinical Diagnostics, LLC

Medical Offices – Voice Telephone Expansion

Orlando Orthopedic Center, a group of medical officers offering a full range of orthopedic services, needed to expand. Growth in business is good, but when a business grows, so must the business’ telecom services. Orlando Orthopedic sought out TruPoint to help expand their voice telephone capacity.

In order to provide the additional capacity needed, TruPoint sourced a bonded Primary Rate Interface (PRI) product. A PRI is a standardized telecommunications service level within the Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) specification for carrying multiple voice and data transmissions between a network and a user. This solution provided a much larger capacity for handing their voice telephone needs.

This solution also provided for a voice Disaster Recover plan, ensuring that Orland Orthopedic could respond to a disaster or other emergency that affects information systems and minimize the effect on the operation of the business.

Next, Orlando Orthopedic was having intermittent downtime issues with their AT&T fiber network and were looking at a cost increase. TruPoint was able to design and source a fully redundant layer 2 network utilizing a combination of fiber and dedicated wireless circuits. The new network design increased speed, reduced costs by approximately 10% and has provided for almost 100% uptime across all 6 locations since deployment.

TruPoint has also assisted the customer with Fax server deployment, single carrier analog line solutions, and PBX sourcing.

Orlando Orthopaedic Center has used TruPoint Communication Services for its sole source of innovative and cost effective strategies and products to ensure that our practice has fast and reliable data and phone services which are vital to the day to day operation of our busy and dynamic business. John and his team at TruPoint have always been responsive and fast moving when we have needed them and are always focused on the end user needs and value for us as the client.

- Kevin C. Joyce, MBA, CMPE, Executive Director, Orlando Orthopaedic Center

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