Provider Spotlight: etherFAX®

etherFAX is a pioneer in secure document exchange, transforming traditional fax communication into a secure, reliable, and efficient process. Unlike conventional fax methods that rely on outdated analog lines or unreliable internet connections, etherFAX leverages the power of the cloud to securely transmit business-critical documents and data.

Key Features:

1. Cloud-Based Infrastructure: etherFAX operates on a cloud-based infrastructure, eliminating the need for costly hardware and dedicated phone lines associated with traditional fax machines. This not only reduces operational costs but also enhances scalability and flexibility for businesses of all sizes. Read our case study with Kforce, Inc. to learn more.

2. Secure Document Transmission: etherFAX employs advanced encryption protocols and compliance standards to ensure end-to-end security, protecting confidential data from interception or unauthorized access. etherFAX services operate in a HIPAA and SOC 2® compliant environment that is both HITRUST CSF® and PCI DSS certified. etherFAX is also working towards its FedRAMP certification.

3. High Reliability and Redundancy: etherFAX ensures high reliability by utilizing redundant data centers and failover mechanisms. This guarantees uninterrupted fax communication, even in the event of hardware failures or network disruptions, thereby minimizing downtime and maintaining business continuity. Read our case study with Gibson Area Hospital and Health Services to learn more.

4. Seamless Integration: etherFAX seamlessly integrates with existing fax infrastructure and applications, making adoption effortless for businesses. Whether integrating with multifunction printers (MFPs), electronic health record (EHR) systems, or enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, etherFAX streamlines fax communication workflows without requiring significant changes to existing processes.

etherFAX creates the on-ramp to interoperability by enabling agnostic applications to securely communicate and exchange documents and data. Leveraging AI-powered data extraction, unstructured documents such as PDFs, faxes, and paper-based forms can be transformed into structured, searchable data that can be easily integrated into workflow processes and applications.

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