Cyber Security Solutions

In today’s era of ever-evolving cyber threats, businesses of all sizes must implement protective programs or remain at serious risk. Hackers develop more sophisticated ways of breaching businesses by the day, and they are targeting smaller businesses more frequently than ever before. Without cyber security solutions to safeguard your business, you are prey to damaging cyber attacks. TruPoint helps you choose the cyber security vendor that will fit your size and needs so you can run your business without fear of being breached.

Cyber Security Solutions and Consulting

It can be confusing for businesses to sift through all the cyber security solutions available today. With so many risks to prevent, businesses need to consider all the avenues through which they are exposed to malicious actors.

TruPoint can provide solutions and guidance in the following areas:

Managed Firewall

Whether you need simple firewall installation or ongoing management, monitoring, and updates, a managed firewall provider can add significant security to your network.

Risk and vulnerability assessments

Evaluate what points across your business are secured safely from hackers and which are exposed. A risk and vulnerability assessment will audit how much needs to be done to safeguard your data.

Penetration Testing

Think your systems are secure? Penetration testing allows you to simulate a cyber attack so you understand the true extent of your protection against hacking.

Proactive Threat Monitoring

Most security solutions are reactive, but being proactive can significantly reduce dwell time on your network. Proactive threat monitoring ensures any intrusion attempts are detected before they cause problems – no matter when they occur.

Endpoint Security

In the modern era of mobility, businesses have to deal with securing many endpoints from laptops to phones and other mobile devices. Endpoint security keeps those devices – and your network – protected.

DDoS protection

Deny access to illegitimate network traffic with DDoS protection. The right solution will defend against even the largest attacks without causing latency issues.

Managed Security

The task of securing data in a constantly evolving threat environment can be outside the scope of internal IT staff. A good managed security provider can take charge of as much or as little of your IT environment as you require.


TruPoint is your trusted advisor for keeping your business safe. Leverage our vendor relationships and experience in cyber security to get guidance on any project, question, or concern. We’re here to help.


Cyber security solutions are an absolute must in today’s risky environment. Don’t become a statistic. Contact TruPoint Communications today to start the security journey that will safeguard your business for the future.

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