Professional Services

IT and telecom projects can be a much larger undertaking than many businesses have time to plan for or execute. At TruPoint, we are not only a partner in selecting, implementing, and managing the technologies you need to communicate, we also provide a variety of professional services that will lighten the load for businesses that don’t have the time or expertise to manage every aspect of their IT.

TruPoint offers professional services that will ultimately help you save on costs. From vendor selection through project-based consulting, our experts are able to offer knowledgeable, unbiased advice.

Project-Based Consulting

Telecom and IT projects can be highly complex. TruPoint has the expertise to manage your projects from start to finish for these undertakings and more:

Cloud migration

SD-WAN adoption

Contact center upgrades

Moves, adds, and changes

No matter the scope of your project, or how many branches are affected, we can take the lead and free up time for your staff.

RFP Management

While RFPs can ultimately get your company the best-fit solutions at the right prices, the RFP management process can be extremely time-consuming itself. TruPoint can manage the entire process for your team to ensure you get the best outcome from the process. TruPoint experts will:

Assist with vendor selection & questions

Evaluate responses from vendors

Manage the contract negotiation with selected vendors

With us in your corner, you can rest assured you’re getting the best-possible prices for your solutions.

Telecom Audit Services

It is often unavoidable to work with multiple vendors for your telecom and IT services. Because of this requirement, managing different billing cycles and systems can become overwhelming, making it nearly impossible to identify billing errors for your telecom services. TruPoint can:

Inventory existing services, spend, and assets

Identify billing errors

Negotiate contracts with carriers

Prevent overspending on telecom services

We save you the time and effort to regularly review invoices and compare and confirm service usage.

Vendor Selection

We have relationships with the best vendors in nearly every category. Specifically, we can provide recommendations in the following areas:

IT services

Low voltage cabling

Professional Services That Let You Focus on Business Growth

Whether you’re looking for a cabling vendor or need expert assistance in the RFP management process, TruPoint is here for you. We’ll handle the details of your IT and telecom initiatives so you can focus on growing your business.

Discover how businesses have grown with us.

We’re here to devote our experience and resources to you.

300+ leading industry providers.

150 combined years of industry experience.

Founded in 2009 after years spent in other telecom agencies.

Expand your business with our customized referral programs.

TruPoint is the strategic partner MSPs can trust to broaden their service portfolios and better serve their customers.

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