TruPoint is built on the philosophy that strategic partnership is in the best interest of our company, our clients and our partners. For more than 14 years we have leveraged our experience, industry expertise, and relationships to enhance the technology experience for both our partners and their clients.

We can function as your outsourced telecom department for every customer or just work with your most challenging and strategic customers. We don’t just give you a product to sell — we’re there for the long term as a trusted advisor.

We will go above and beyond for your clients. You can rely on us as your TruPartner in the areas where your team lacks the experience, skill, or time to deliver the best experience for your client.

Partner Referral Programs

We offer two different programs for partners:


This program is designed for all companies or individuals that work with businesses and require an expert to help when they have a customer with a technology need. From sourcing through management, we will take over as trusted consultants and develop long-term relationships with your clients.


For MSPs in search of a strategic partner, TruPoint will act as your telecom service department and integrate directly with your staff. We will deliver telecom solutions to your customers without you having to divert your company’s attention to hire and develop expensive in-house telecom expertise.

An Expert Partner You Can Trust

TruPoint partners can leverage our expertise and support in the way that makes the most sense for your business. Whether you lack internal expertise or need a true consultant for your customers’ telecom and IT services, you can rely on us to guide your customer to the right solution at the best possible price, every time.

Discover how businesses have grown with us.

We’re here to devote our experience and resources to you.

300+ leading industry providers.

150 combined years of industry experience.

Founded in 2009 after years spent in other telecom agencies.

Expand your business with our customized referral programs.

TruPoint is the strategic partner MSPs can trust to broaden their service portfolios and better serve their customers.

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